Friday, May 6, 2011

too cute

We had such a fun, beautiful day today. 

Wes worked the night shift today, and we definitely made the best of our morning.  We all went out to my doctor's appointment this morning, and afterward we had planned on going to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU (my mom and I swapped some babysitting).  The problem was that my appointment went too long, and we didn't think we'd have much time at the exhibit.

So we serendipitously did a switcharoo.

We stopped by the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point today. We'd planned on doing it tomorrow, but though switching Carl Bloch for tulips might be better because we'd have more time at the exhibit tomorrow, and Wes' dad, Lee, might be able to come also (fingers crossed).

 I love flowers, gardens, sunshine, and beauty so much.  It just fed my soul so much  just being around all the beauty.  It was incredible.  And serendipitously perfect lighting for pictures.  I got great pictures even with raw footage (although there are definitely edits I'd like to do, and I definitely will be back for more pictures later when we have more time to soak in all that beauty.), which was so rewarding and fun! 

I will share the eye-candy tomorrow, since I have to be up early for a bike race tomorrow.  But I thought I'd leave you tonight with a different kind of beauty:

This little guy never ceases to melt my heart.  I LOVE being a mommy!

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