Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have a little story to tell you.  It's not too interesting, but it's special to me.

Those of you who know me at all, know that I am obsessed with learning anything/everything about parenting and motherhood and becoming better.  My family is my joy and I want more than anything to be the best wife and mother I can be for them.

I am a big believer in modeling successful people.  If you can find someone better than you at something, by all means ask them to teach you a thing or two.  At least that's what I tell myself.  And I feel like the Eyres are some of the best examples of fabulous, deliberate, humble parents out there, and I soak in any and all information and instruction I can find from them.

A few years back, Linda and Richard Eyre started doing firesides in their neighborhood.  My parents and Wes and I would try to go as often as possible.  I loved how I would always come away inspired and motivated and just lifted up from being around them and soaking in all that love and wisdom.  I learned so much every time I went, and it really helped Wes and me as a couple develop some goals and resources that we needed for our family.  It helped us create a vision for our family. 

These little devotionals were small, and after a visit or two we got to be friends enough with them that they'd remember things about us.  That eventually led Linda to lead us to her daughter, Saren's blog.  Of course, we all know that sometimes when you look at blogs, you end up looking at more blogs, and that eventually led me to find Shawni's blog.  I ended up following both blogs for a few years now, which has brought me many blessings in my life from Power of Moms to attending Motherhood Retreats that not only taught me much and inspired me even more, but eventually led me to actually get to meet these amazing women in person.  (And many other amazing women, of course.)  Getting to know Saren and Shawni (and all the other amazing moms that I've gotten to know through Power of Moms) in person has only made me look up to and love them even more.  They are absolute powerhouse women that inspire me and lift me up every bit as much as Linda and Richard Eyre do.  Learning and following them has absolutely showered my family with blessings, and I am so grateful for their thought-provoking, beautiful messages and challenges they constantly share with me (and so many other moms).

Especially when I get on my computer for a few minutes to unwind from a hard, hard day, and come across this post.  This was absolutely just what I needed to read tonight, and exactly how I've been feeling about my challenges but haven't been able to articulate.  And since I agree that pretty much everyone is going through something tough at any given time, I thought I'd pass some inspiration along in case anyone else out there could use a lift.  Thanks, Shawni, for you beautiful, sweet words.  You are such an amazing person.  :)

Also along the lines of inspiration, I've been forgetting to share some wonderful news.  My childhood friend, Rachel, that lost her baby last month, was blessed with another sweet little baby girl a few weeks back.  I was so overjoyed to hear this, and reading her incredible testimony was so strengthening and moving that I just had to share.  You can read all about her thoughts and her new little bundle here.  It was very touching and I'm so happy for her and her family.  Their little baby is so lucky to have such a wonderful, strong, loving mommy.

I hope you enjoy all the inspiration as much as I did.  Life is truly beautiful.

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