Saturday, April 30, 2011

we're back

I took a few days' blogging vacation to go to this place...

With these people....

And we met some of these guys....

And rode some of these rides:

And experienced quite a bit of this:

Got a few naps in....especially after swimming (hence the lack of shirts here):

And took in all kinds of natural beauty from this:
 To this:

And even this:
 And everything in-between....we drank it all in! 

And thanks goes to this handsome guy, who made it all possible with all his hard work.  I love you, Babe! 

And thanks goes to Wes' darling cousin, Bethany, who took such wonderful care of our little Jonah while we were away.  It was so nice knowing he was in good hands and having a total blast himself.  There were many times we said to ourselves how glad we were that we left him home (even though we missed him like the dickens while we were away!).  Thanks, are amazing!

We had such a fun vacation!

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