Monday, June 6, 2011

did you miss me?

I'm back!  I thought I'd stay away a little longer, but my fingers are just aching to type, my head is swimming with things I want to write, so I decided to end my little getaway and get back to the blog.

Creating margin in my life, in our lives, has been life-changing.  (Thanks for teaching me about it, Saydi.)  It had opened windows and doors I didn't even realize were there before.  Our lives have truly been enriched and showered with so much contentment, simplicity, gratitude, fulfillment, and joy (to name just a few).  If you want to learn about it, you have got to read this book:

Seriously, it is worth your time.

My copy is so full of highlights I wonder if anything will even stick out anymore.  I've folded down many, many pages.  My head is just exploding with thoughts and gratitude and ideas.  I feel so blessed to be learning this concept so early on in my life as a mother, before the habit of "overload" is ingrained, before carpools and soccer practice and scouts and all of the other demands life with kids can entail.

Through learning to create margin, I have been able to take my stress load WAY down, which is HUGE for me right now with my recovery.  I was even able to muster the strength and courage to get rid of a toxic circumstance and person in my life.  My dad called it, "Facing the bear."  This was really affecting me so much more than I realized.  Now that it's mostly behind me, I am so relieved and feel like a huge (maybe even the biggest) burden is lifted from me.  I feel rejuvenated and light.  It's wonderful.

I've also began learning more about a few other things that are going to become big parts of our lives.  It's all so new that I don't feel comfortable sharing it all yet for fear of misconstruing it, but Wes and I both are so excited about the life-changing things we are learning and putting into play.  We are anticipating many good and exciting changes in our lives and can't wait!

I've also began chipping away at the habit of going to bed early.  At least for the most part.  Obviously tonight is not early.  I'm so grateful that the days of barely sleeping at all are behind me because I feel like sleep for me is so healing and beneficial.  I feel so much less stress and frustration when I'm well rested.  I feel happy and refreshed.  Why oh why didn't I do this sooner?  I'm just glad I'm doing it now.

With that in mind, I think I am going to turn in now.  There is still so much to say, but I am getting tired now and I think I'll turn in.  I feel so blessed to have such a cozy, comfy bed and a husband who loves to snuggle as much as me.  And three beautiful, healthy boys who have been graciously giving their mommy a full night's sleep.  I wish you all a restful night also.


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