Thursday, March 10, 2011

i'm gonna miss this

The words of a certain favorite country song of mine were ringing in my head this morning as I awoke to two energetic little boys:  a four-year-old dragon killer holding a "button" made of a sucker wrapper in his hand(for you to push it and turn him into "kind of superhero") and a three-year-old Santa Claus asking me what I wanted for Christmas only to inform me that this Santa only made trains (all of this being said in his "Santa voice" which is talking with your tongue so high up in your mouth you can hardly say a thing).  After a few minutes of pretend, both boys ended up giggling under my covers hiding from all kinds of wild beasts that they took turns "killing" including lions, tigers, dragons, and bears. 

I love these little boys' imaginations!  I am definitely going to soak it all in right now while I can.  I really am going to miss this....

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